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Ultimaker 2
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The Ultimaker 2 is popular for its great resolution, ability to execute tough projects quickly and easy to operate design. The Ultimaker 2 3D printer is quite costly but it comes with an impressive specs and features. Check it below.

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What is Ultimaker 2?

This 3D printer comes with an appealing aesthetics, premium features, and high-quality results. One of its leading features is its superb print speed and impressive accuracy. It also comes with an industry-leading print-to-size ratio, small footprint, and large build volume. It uses premium materials for construction, has heated bed smooth prints and allows ABS printing. Overall, Ultimaker 2 3D printer is easy to manage and reliable. This device is designed to give you the best 3D printing experience.

Ultimaker 2 Specs & Features


Ultimaker 2 is one of the most popular 3D printers on the market. It is fast, efficient and reliable. To help you examine this device closely, here are the top features of Ultimaker 2.

Easy to set up – Ultimaker 2 3D printer is easy to assemble because most of its part is pre-assembled and the device is ready to print. When you received this 3D printer, all you have to do is insert the build plate, plug the machine and switch the device to “on.” The overall process to make this 3D printer set up and powered on will only take a couple of minutes.

Smart and Quality Design – Ultimaker 2 is not only designed to give your high-quality and accurate results, it comes with impressive aesthetics that you don’t have to keep it when not in used. Its motors are enclosed inside the machine’s main structural support and the moving parts are neatly hidden behind its opaque plexiglass walls.

Easy to Operate User Interface – Ultimaker 2 comes with a knob similar to a car stereo to provide you an easy selection. It has logical and easy to understand menu, so you won’t get lost when using the device.

Excellent Print Performance – Ultimaker 2 3D printer includes an incredible 20-micron resolution, which enables it to produce impressive results. It also comes with undeniably fast speed. In fact, it can print a 1x1x1 centimeter cube with 100 microns layer of thickness in just 7 minutes and 50 seconds, way faster than the more expensive Form 1+ SLA printer, which took 9 minutes to finish the same job. Check out the best 3d printer in the market.

Additional Details:
  • Power Supply: 24 V DC @ 9.2 AMPS
  • Weight : 11 Kg
  • Build volume: (X) 297 x (Y) x 210 (Z) 200 mm
  • Materials: PLA, ABS, and CPE
  • Printing Speed: Up to 300 mm/s
  • Resolution: Up to 20 microns
  • Temperature: Between 15 ºC to 32 ºC
  • Print technology: FDM
  • Open Source: Yes
  • Filament Diameter: 2.85mm
  • Nozzle Diameter: .4mm
  • Extruder: Single
  • Environment: Cura Software
  • File: STL, OBJ, DAE, AMF
  • Connectivity: standard SD card reader, type-B USB port
  • Compatible Operating System: Windows XP+, Mac OS X 10.6+,Linux Ubuntu 12.10+
  • Price: $ 1,999
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • High resolution
  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • More expensive compared to other brands
  • Noisier than Felix and Printrbot
  • No pre-heat function to speed up the process
  • Difficult to disassemble components for repair or maintenance

Customer Reviews


Customers who purchased Ultimaker 2 find this 3D printer to be a very good value for the money but expensive compared to most 3D printers in the market. Check out some of the reviews below.

"I find the Ultimaker 2 to be a very good machine, very reliable and the customer service is the very best I have ever experienced," one Amazon Customer wrote about his Ultimaker 2 experience.

"This is a good, but expensive 3D printer. Still get misprints regularly, just like with lower cost printers. Quality is good, once you figure out how to use the software and adjust the settings," another Amazon Customer, named VGFMan, wrote about Ultimaker 2.

Rating: 3.6/5


Ultimaker 2 is an efficient and reliable 3D printer. It has impressive speed, resolution, accuracy, and precision. However, it is too expensive compared to other 3D printers. In addition, it can sometimes be noisy than other 3D printer brands and does not include a pre-heat function that can somehow affect its speed. Another potential drawback includes the difficulty in disassembling the parts during repair or maintenance. However, most customers who purchased Ultimaker 2 3D printer are so satisfied and happy that they did. So, if you can afford this 3D printer, we recommend this for you.

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