Best 5 Cheap Small 3D Printers – Price Comparison

A small 3D printer works best if you want to produce small prints. Due to its size, this is usually more compact and affordable. It is the best home 3D printer.

creality ender build volume fully assembled fully enclosed lulzbot mini desktop 3d printer

3D printers come in different sizes. There are small, medium and large 3D printers, but despite the differences in sizes, all of them help you produce almost anything you want.

Mini 3D printers come handy if you have a small place or if you travel a lot. If you are interested in a portable 3d printer, this article will help you understand this device even more.

Small 3D PrinterPrice CheckRateDimensionWeightBuild VolumeProsCons
Flashforge Creator Pro IIClick Here To Check Price4.9/5480 x 338 x 385 mm24.2 lbs227 X 148 X 150 mmOpen source, simple to use. Does not take lots of space. Reasonable good quality prints, dual extrusion for dual colors. Middle of the pack 3D printer at affordable price.Some noise during printing. Printing takes time, so you may want to do other things.
FlashForge Finder
Click Here To Check Price4.8/5420 x 420 x 420 mm35.2 lbs140 L X 140 W X 140 H mmPowerful product, easy to operate with great quality prints.Built plate size is restricting and on-board slot for PLA spool is proprietary only. Some users find it unreliable due to inconsistent feeding of filament.
Makerbot Replica Mini+
4.2/511.6 x 13.8 x 15 inches20.5 lb10.1 L X 12.6 W X 12.6 H CMEasy to setup and operate, fairly fast and decent quality printsNoisy and loud, and requires the use of branded filament from Makerbot.
Micro 3D
3.9/57.3 x 7.3 x 7.3 inches2.2 lb109 by 113mm, at 74mm and above: 91 by 84mm; max height: 116mmHigh quality print, easy to maintain and set up, and very affordable.Slow speed, spotty reliability and small print volume
Formlabs Form 2
13.5 × 13 × 20.5 inches13 lbNOT givenSimple design and easy to use software and control panel. Excellent print quality and very adaptable to multiple users. The printer and resin are expensive. Testing produced occcasional print failure with large prints.

How Much Does A Small 3D Printer Cost?

creality ender build volume fully assembled fully enclosed lulzbot mini anycubic photon uv lcd anycubic ultrabase anycubic i3 mega

A small 3D printer is more practical and affordable compared to a big 3D printer. Per Genius Gadget a small 3D printing device may cost you $1,375. However, with the continuous progress of technology, these gadgets are getting cheaper.

Per TechRepublic, a number of small companies already manufacture their own 3D printer or crowd-fund it and the prices for these devices are expected to drop continuously, Makerbot released their smallest printer at the price mentioned above. However, if you check Amazon, there are already a lot of cheap 3D printers today, you can even find many priced below $1000.

You can also check the table of the best mini 3D printers below and you will find that most of the items are below $500. If you are planning to venture into 3D printing, most of the products you will find in this article are available at an affordable price and will serve as a good start for your new hobby.

What Can You Make With A Small 3D Printer?

creality ender build volume fully assembled fully enclosed lulzbot mini anycubic photon uv lcd anycubic ultrabase anycubic i3 mega desktop 3d printer

Just like big 3D printers, you can 3D print almost any object in small 3D printers. Among the things that you can 3D print in this mini device are toys like cartoon characters, war games miniature models, working tools like a wrench, screwdrivers, or pliers and organizers to name a few. There is a vast of options that you can print in a small 3D printer. You can print a dress, shoes or bag.

You can also print a coffee sleeve, a cable management hive, portal bookstand, drink coaster, charging dock and passive amplifier, SD card mountain, and even a shopping bag handle. Whatever the size of your 3D printer, you can almost print any object you have in mind in it but don’t expect a massive output like a house or building from it. Perhaps, a miniature house is possible but not a habitable one.

Mini 3D Printer Review

3D printers come in different sizes and while big printers appear more powerful and mighty, small ones are as useful and efficient. In fact, for those who are interested in venturing 3D printing, purchasing a mini 3D printer is good enough to get you started in this very interesting and enjoyable hobby.

Another benefit of having a small 3D printer is that it is more affordable. Yes, since it only uses fewer materials and they are not as complicated and as time-consuming to construct.

However, a small 3D printer is not as high-quality and as detailed as large 3D printers. Although this type of printers produces great quality output the resolution is not as detailed and as impressive as those printed from huge 3D printers.

Best Small 3D Printers

There are tons of small 3D printing machines in the market now. To help reduce your research time listed the best micro and cheap 3D printers below. Check it out.

#1 Flashforge Creator Pro II Review

Flashforge Creator Pro II

If you are looking for a very handy 3D printer that you can easily move around at home or take wherever you go, Flashforge Creator Pro II is highly recommended.

This 3D printer is most pre-assembled and you will only do minimal work to make it work. This is the better version of the entry-level Flashforge Creator.

It comes with a metal frame and an enclosed chassis. It has a metal build plate and a guide that helps with stabilization and durability. It also comes with an improved platform leveling system.

Although this is small, this is best suited for intermediate users or those who are willing to work around the printer because some part of the process in setting this up might be challenging and time-consuming. Also, this offers advanced features that beginners might not need but will surely love.

For instance, it can cater to different printing materials including ABS, PLA and PVA plastic filaments. It also produces professional quality and high-resolution prototypes and models.

If you are up for a small 3D printer that delivers professional finish, this is highly recommended.

  • Good print quality
  • Dual extruder 3D printer
  • Perfect for educational and home use
  • Affordable compared to most competitors
  • Fused Deposition Modeling FDM technology
  • Produces professional quality and high-resolution prototypes and models
  • Reliable Support – backed by an extensive Quality Assurance operation and technical support to ensure success when 3D printing
  • Uses MakerBot PLA filament which is uniformly round for consistent flow and smooth and even layers
  • Supported by MakerBot 3D Ecosystem that integrates seamlessly for satisfying user experience.
  • Noisy
  • Not easy to fix
  • Not fully assembled
  • Extruders are critical but not reliable

Flashforge Creator Pro II

Check Price Here

#2 Flashforge Finder Review

Flashforge Finder

FlashForge Finder 3D printer is another small and impressive 3D printer. If you have a limited space at home and you want a high-quality 3D printing machine for your favorite hobby, this model is highly recommended.

It features a sturdy, slide-in, non-heated build plate. It also comes with sturdy, plastic alloy construction for solid and stable prints. That’s not all, this is designed with patented extruder structure with built-in turbofan for encircled air and better molding.

For ease of use, this comes with a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen with preview control. It has various connectivity options too including Wi-Fi, USB cable, USB stick, and 3D cloud.

This is also very versatile as it supports a wide range of filaments like ABS, PLA, TPU, Flex, Luminous, Wood and Metal. It also includes different languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French and more to cater to all users from different parts of the world.

This works quietly and efficiently. This is great from its build, quality, and performance down to the results it delivers. So, this is highly recommended.

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Sturdy built
  • Easy to set-up
  • Operates quietly
  • Competitive price
  • Supports various types of filaments
  • Slide-in, the non-heated build plate

  • 3.5″ colored touchscreen for easy operation
  • Wi-Fi, USB, 3D Cloud connectivity
  • Software is not the best
  • Small build plate

Flashforge Finder

Check Price Here

#3. Makerbot Replicator Mini+ Printer Review

creality ender build volume great option anycubic photon anycubic i3 mega

This device is Cloud-enabled to make printing easy and convenient. You can control it remotely via MakerBot Print or MakerBot Mobile app. This is also equipped with a Smart Extruder+ with all the standard features including the onboard camera and Wi-Fi and USB connectivity.

Aside from the smart design, you can rely on its fast reliability and speed. It has 28% larger volume and improved hardware for greater reliability and precision. Overall, this small 3D printer is user-friendly, reliable and efficient. The only downside is that it is loud and uses branded filament from Makerbot.

  • Uses MakerBot PLA filament for consistent flow and smooth even layers
  • Perfect for educational and home use
  • Produces professional quality and high-resolution prototypes and models
  • Overpriced compared to other brands like Zortrax M200
  • Extruders are critical but not reliable
  • Not easy to fix
  • Noisy

creality ender build volume anycubic photon uv lcd anycubic i3 mega

Check Price at Amazon

#4 Micro 3D – M3D Printer Review

creality ender build volume smart home heated bed monoprice mini anycubic photon anycubic i3 mega

This is the first 3D printing machine where technology meets an attractive design. It features a sleek and compact design, which makes it perfect for home use. But aside from its smart design, Micro 3D delivers high-quality and consistent printing.

Another great thing about this machine is that it is consumer-friendly with UL safety rating. It has a non-heated print bed making it great for children. This 3D printer lets you print almost anything you have in mind from miniature statues, toys, and house decor.

Although this 3D printer looks good overall, it also comes with its own flaws including slow speed, spotty reliability, and small print volume.

  • Super Compact
  • Very quiet
  • Very Affordable
  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • Requires computer connection when used
  • Slow printing of simple items take long hours
  • Subpar quality

creality ender build volume smart home heated bed monoprice mini

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#5 Formlabs Form 2 3D Printer Review

creality ender 3 pro creality cr-10 creator pro


This 3D printer comes with impressive design and expensive resin. It is very easy to use and delivers consistent and reliable performance that produces detailed and complex 3D output.

This machine is a stereolithography (SLA) printer, which means it uses more material compared to the more popular and affordable fused filament fabrication.

In terms of quality and reliability, this 3D printer is a good pick. Unfortunately, it is expensive. In fact, it is almost seven times more costly compared to the other printers on the list.

  • Auto-orient for optimal print with auto-mesh repair
  • Produces high-resolution object with incredible details
  • Smart printer, keeps you informed
  • Reliable materials developed for performance
  • The 3D printer itself is expensive
  • Process can be time-consuming, messy

creality ender 3 pro creality cr-10 creator pro

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Take Away!

The brands mentioned above are the best mini 3D printer. They are affordable and efficient. However, portable 3D printers also come with its own drawbacks whether in price or performance. But whatever you are looking for, these small 3D printers are enough to get you started with 3D printing.

Other great options that you can try on include Lulzbot Mini, XYZprinting Da Vinci Mini, Monoprice Mini Delta, and Monoprice Select Mini 3D printer. These mini printers are great too but they tend to be more expensive.

If you wish to learn more about 3D printing, you can check our homepage.