ThingiverseThe biggest and most popular database offering free-to-use STL files.
YoumagineWhere makers collaborate to get the best open source 3D designs ready to download and print.
GrabCADProvides you with technical, engineering and scale models for 3D printing.
3D WarehouseOffers you architecture, product design and scale models created from the popular 3D modelign software SketchUp.
NIH 3D Print ExchangeThe place where you can find a collection of biomedical 3D printable files.
SketchfabA platform where you can publish, share and discover 3D content on web, mobile, AR and VR.
Free3D.comThe place where you can share your free 3D assets and download it instantly.
Zortrax LibraryFree STL files that is openly available online.
RepablesA 3D printable file repository that allows you to share and distribute your STL files.
Libre3Dis a site where you can share your 3D models. Everyting is open and free on the site.
InstructablesA fantastic and vivid community portal where members can share DIY projects for beginner, intermediate and advanced project.
NASAA rich repository of 3D printer models where STL files are mad available for free for educational purposes.
Dremel Lesson PlansHas a curated portal of 3D lesson plans to complement their Idea Builder line of 3D printers.
Polar CloudAn online social platform for free STL files and 3D printer models
ShapetizerAn online market for talented designers worldwide where you can upload your design and they will handle the manufacturing, shipping, and marketing.
RascomRasA Spanish-language website that allows users to upload and share 3D printer models for free because the site is open source and totally free.
ShapekingA community-based platform where you can share 3D printer models and download STL files for free.
Smithsonian X3The site has began 3D scanning and uploading free 3D models on its website with the Apollo 11 Command Model being one of its most exciting 3D models.
TinkerCAD ThingsA community where you can find the most popular 3D design and get ideas on what to 3D print next.
Clara.ioA community of over 100,000 creators sharing free online 3D modeling, rendering, sharing and models.
3DXtrasA community that offers thousands of free 3D models in .MAX, .3ds and other format.
ArchibasePlanetA library of free 3D models that are categorized in lamps, mirrors, bed, chairs, cabinets and more.
Archive 3DA repository that hosts over 7,000 3D designs categorized in equipment and appliances, furnishing, structure and more
CadNav.comAn online 3D model library offering over 5,000 free and high-quality 3D models and CAD models for download.
Sweet Home 3DAllows you to import 3D models one by one or by group with libraries. The 3D models are created by the contributors.
3D CAD BrowserA 3D CAD browser that offers hundreds of free 3D models for 3DS Max, Blender, Maya and other modeling software.
All3dfree.netA repository of 3D models in different formats including 3DS, C4D, MAX and SKP to name a few. It also includes CAD blocks, materials and 3D and 3D textures.
Artist-3DA website with hundreds of 3D models that are identified in different categories including architecture, nature, technology, transport and more.
CAD Blocks FreeA repository offering hundreds of free 3D CAD models including AutoCAD 3D blocks, SketchUP components, SolidWorks models and more.
DMI Card 3D ModelsA site that offers free 3D models for numerous vehicles such as buses, racing cars, tanks, trailers and trunks.
Free 3D BaseA website made by architects and graphic artists that offers free 3D models. This is a great alternative for payable services.
CraftsmanspaceA website that offers free 3D models of band ornaments, decorative design elements, jewelry, animals, furniture and even human body.
BlogscopiaThe site offers 3D models designed for infoarchitecture and CGI works lincluding bathrooms, interior furniture, outdoor furniture, lamps and vegetation to name a few.
3DeliciousA site that offers free 3D models for cars, sofa, table, lamp, tree, panel, bed and more. It includes its list of daily, weekly, monthly, half-year and year bests.
3DModelFree.comA small collection of 3D models that are well-arranged in categories like factories, bathroom products, free lamps, cookware, interior sence, furniture and more.
OyonaleA repository of 3D objects where you can find a variety of object from M60 machine gun, Mini Cooper, New York building, windows generator and more.


Cults 3DWhere you can find and download the greatest 3D models.
PinshapeWhere you can browse through a great selection of more than 13,000 STL files. Some are free while others are payable.
CGTraderA dedicated database for 3D printable objects with over 13,000 models to choose from.
MyMiniFactoryHome of over 12,000 designers with 55,000 free and paid 3D printable objects.
XYZprinting 3D GalleryA 3D gallery with free STL files to download that includes models of popular characters from your favorite game, movie or cartoon series.
3DExportA 3D model Marketplace where you can buy and sell 3D models, CG textures and digital objects for 3D printing.
RedpahA community where you can upload and download 3D print files
ThreedingA Marketplace for free and paid 3D printable models and files where members can buy, sell or exchange
3DagogoOffers a selection of cool and awesome 3D designs that you can print in most consumer 3D printers.
RinkakA Japanese 3D printing Marketplace that offer 3d printer models and professional 3D printing service.
FAB365A product Marketplace for 3D printer files where registered users can buy, sell and download 3D models.
3DKitBashA Marketplace that specializes on toys and models with pop culture motifs like monsters and robots.
The ForgeThe site features the work of a single designer called Zheng3 for free. Most of the 3D models are either funny, useful or both.
TurboSquidA Marketplace where you can buy and sell 3D models for 3D graphics or variety of industries.
Autodesk Online GalleryThe official platform from Autodesk to share and download 3D models, rendering pictures, CAD files, CAD models and more.
3Dsky.orgA Marketplace with a collection of over 81,000 models arranged in various categories like appliances, bathroom, decoration, furniture, kitchen, materials, textures, etc.
Free 3D ModelsFree 3D models with over 19,000 models in 3DS and GSM formats. Their 3D models are not arranged in categories but are searchable.
3DmiliA community with over four thousand designs and models that are arranged in different categories including interior design, furniture, textures and technology.
Adobe StockThe site offers millions of royal-free assets and high-quality 3D models but some licenses are available for purchase only.
Design ConnectedOffers hundreds of 3D models from 168 brands and 202 designers. They also offer CG 3D and visual merchandising for furniture brands.
EvermotionA Marketplace where you can upload your 3D files, share it with the community and get discount in its shop. They also offer a promo where you have a chance to win free products.
Mr. CADAn organization devoted to creating 3D models for architects and interior designers to produce exclusive catalogs of interior furnishing.
Viz-PeopleThe site was established in 2011 and delviers the best royalty free 3D models, textures and tutorials.
Hum3DThe members of the site includes 3D designers who offer the best combination of price and quality.
model+modelThe site includes free and for sale 3D models. Among the popular designs are accessories, furniture, bottles of wine, condiments, fruits and more.
VizParkA team of professional 3D artists and developers are behind the site who design 3D models and tools for architectural visualization.
BentanjiA Marketplace for 3D models and textures. You can find different products here including lightings, tables, shelves, sleep furniture, plants and flowers, and more.
3D Hubs

The world's largest network of manufacturing Hubs.
ShapewaysA 3D marketplace trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide.

Search Engine

YeggiA dedicated search engine that crawls many 3D printing websites for 3D printer models.
STLFinderSearches free 3D models from the major repositories in the Internet.
Yobi3DA search engine that helps you find free STL files with comprehensive features like visualization, sharing and one-click 3D printing.


3DXOThis website is designed to offer a wide range of high-quality 3D content and resources for 3D interested users.
Works By SoloThe site is offers free 3D models for free. It also helps you build your own maker machine and gives you a link to shop for fascinating 3D accessories on Shapeways.
Sketchup FreeAn educational and informative portal directed to 3D community with emphasis on 3D visualization and rendering techniques.
AniwaA trusted source of information about emerging technologies specializing in 3D printing.
3D print.comA81 The site is dedicated to bringing the latest news from the 3D printing industry.

Subscription service

3DShookSubscription service that offers the best models for 3D printing online.

Shop Free,Paid

STLHiveA great 3D printing resources for free STL files for students, hobbyists and inventors.

Online Tool

TInkerCADA tool to create, design and make 3D models that doesn't require CAD knowledge.


VW ArtClubA 3D art gallery that doesn't sell 3D designing services but allows you to contact 3D artists via their profile page.


3D Print Board
The world's most popular 3D printing forum.
A 3D printing forum where anyone can share any concern about 3D printing. This is a great forum for 3D printer beginners.
3D Print Forums
A community website where hobbyists and professionals discuss about 3D printing and 3D software.
RepRap Forum
The forum for RepRap enthusiasts where users can share their different experiences and ideas to help one another.
Pinshape Forums
3D printing forum for Pinshape users.
3D Printer Chat
A 3D printing forum where users can communitcate about 3D printer problems, collaborate with projects and more.
Reify 3D
A community where Solus 3D printer users connect and discuss about their 3D printing machine, its software, hardware and more.

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