Porsche Offers Free 3D Printable File Of Cayman S

Porsche wants to make your dreams come true.

As far as companies that can do that, Porsche probably ranks among the top.

That’s why the German sports car maker is offering a free 3D printable file of its Cayman S, the car the company claims lets you follow the code of the curve.

“Feel free to get creative,” the Porsche Web site encourages. “Create, print and colorize your personal Cayman S. We would love to see the results.”

You can print your model right at home to whatever size your printer allows.

No, your model probably won’t go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds, but at least it won’t set you back $52,000 for the stripped down, bare bones version.

All the company asks in return for the free file is that you share a picture of the creation with them.



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