Top 5 Large 3D Printer: For Big Print, Large Area and Volume Objects

A large 3D printer allows you to create big prints with massive area and volume. If you are planning to 3D print a building or house, large scale printing machine is for you.


Are you wondering what big 3D printers are for? Are you undecided whether you need this or not?

Basically, this printing machine is not the best home 3D printer due to its size. But if you have to produce large prints or large size printing, then a giant 3D printer is what you need.

This page aims to get yourself familiar with the biggest 3d printers on the market and help you understand the different benefits it offers.


Large 3D Printer
PriceCheck Price
VolumeType of Filament
ErectorBot EB 2076 LX
$ Quote request from Erectorbot4.7/5
20 foot x 7 foot x 6 foot
Not Specified
x 240″ y 84″ z 72″
Normal or Pellets
$$ Quote request from Wasp Project4/5
210x235x300 cm
170 kg
Pellets / Concrete / Porcelain
Leapfrog XceL
$$$ Quote request from Leap Frog4/5
935 x 1033 x 2775 mm
200 kg
x 510 y 500 z 2300.
Leapfrog Maxx Essentials PLA and Leapfrog Maxx Pro PLA
$$$$Not Available (A Development Project)4/5
6 meters tall
Not Specified
6.6 x 6.6 x 11.5 ft
Renewable and sustainable materials
BigRep ONE

$$$$$ Quote request from Big Rep4.25 / 5
1850 x 2250 x 1725 mm
500 kg
x 1005 y 1005 z 1005
BigRep PLA, BigRep ProHT, BigRep PETG

How Big Can 3D Printers Be?

There are 3D printers that are larger than regular homes. For instance, the largest 3D printer from WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co from China stands 20 feet tall, 33 feet wide and 132 feet long. It has a volume of 2,466 cubic meters.

This is the world’s first continuous printing 3D printer, and the largest 3D house printer in the world,” said Ma Yi He, CEO of WinSun per Yes, that is that big that it can produce houses and buildings. We will discuss the details of these projects in the next section.
Source: Additive Manufacturing

BetAbram P1 is another giant printing machine, measuring 288 cubic meters. This big 3D printer is built by a Slovenian company and just like WinSun, it produces habitats. It prints habitable structures from CAD files. The largest one it produced is a 16(L) x 9(W) x 2(H)-meter object.

So if you notice, these big 3D printers have a big volume based on the cubic meters. A cubic meter is a unit of volume in the International System of Units. One cubic meter is a large volume for an ocean freight shipment. To give you a picture, it means that the item is 1 meter long by 1 meter wide by 1 meter high or approximately 35 cubic feet.

Then multiply this by 2, 466 for WinSun and 288 for BetAbram. Yes, 3D printers can be this big. The built and size of these huge 3D printers also allow them to produce impressive output. You will be surprised at how great these machines are at producing gigantic and usable objects like villas and apartments.

What’s The Size That 3D Printers Can Print?

Big 3D printers are capable of producing tall and habitable objects. For instance, WinSun, in particular, was able to print the first 3D printed villa and tallest 3D printed apartment. On March 29, 2014, it produced 10 3D printed houses measuring 200 square meters each in just a day. Each of the house printed above costs $4,800.

According to, many thought that the report about the 10 3D printed houses was a hoax. WinSun was not popular and it was a big surprise to many that a company that emerged from nowhere actually did it.

WinSun wanted to show the world that they are the leading company when it comes to 3D printing. Just after 10 months, WinSun 3D printed a 5-storey residential building and a 1,100 square meter villa. It is the world’s first 3D printed villa that includes internal and external decorations.

The said 3D printed villa was designed for Tomson Group, a well-known Taiwanese-owned real estate company. It costs over 1 million yuan or $161K USD.

A 1,100 square meter 3D printed villa mansion

Source: Decoreng Blogspot

A five-storey 3D printed residential apartment

Source: CNET

This 3D printer is so big that it uses a mixture of recycled construction waste, glass fiber, steel, cement and special additives as ink. Initially, the waste from recycling construction and mine produces carbon emission. However, 3D printing paves the way for this waste to be brand new building material.

Aside from building houses and shelters, large 3D printers are equipped with printing car frames. Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) in particular, prints whole car frames. This printer has a build volume of 6 x 2.3 x 1.8 meters, making it one of the biggest 3D printers in the whole world. Its size and speed allow large parts to be produced quickly.

In general, large 3D printers produce dwellings, depending on the model and brand. For instance, BAAM prints car frames, EFESTO 557 prints big metal parts, Voxeljet VX4000 prints molds and small-series components, and Imprimere 2156 prints facades, statues, and dwellings.

Advantage of Large 3D Printer?

Large scale 3D printers increase product efficiency by 10 times. WinSun estimates that 3D printing technology allows one to save between 30 to 60 percent costs and shortens the production time by about 50 to 70 percent. This also reduces labor costs by about 50 to 80 percent.

There is no doubt that 3D printing is cheaper when it comes to production. In fact, WinSun is working with an American company for their next venture. In the next three years, they will be setting up factories in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Morocco, Tunisia, United States and 20 other countries. WinSun is also aiming to bring affordable homes to low-income families in the Middle East and Africa.

How Much Do Large 3D Printers Cost?


Large volume 3D printers are very expensive compared to smaller ones that you can purchase for home use. This could also be due to its capacity of producing massive products that are also habitable.

For instance, BetAbram can produce houses and is available for purchase. Its basic P3 model is priced at €12,000. Meanwhile, another large 3D printer that is available for purchase is EB2076LX that costs $46,425.00.9

Some large printers are available for lease as well. For instance, Builder Extreme 2000 is available for lease for €370 per month. The lease time is open for discussion. This printer is also available for purchase for €18.995,00. For those interested delivery time may take 3 to 7 weeks.

In general, large 3D printers will cost you thousands of dollars, but if you are using them for industrial and commercial purposes, the return of investment is substantial.

Where To Buy Large 3D Printer

If you are interested in buying a large-scale 3D printer, you can visit the different 3D printer sites. Most of them include the details of their product if it is for lease or purchase along with the price. For instance, here’s a list of the different large 3D printers along with their website where you can check out its price or quote for lease.

ErectorBot EB 2076 LX
Check it here

Check it here

Leapfrog XCel
Check it here

BigRep One v3
Check it here

Best Large 3D Printers

There are a number of huge 3D printers on the market. Aside from the list above. There are still a number of 3D printers that is worthy to consider. Here’s a short list of the leading large 3d printers on the market.

ErectorBot EB 2076 LX

Source: ErectorBot

ErectorBot is a US based manufacturer of gigantic open source multi-functional bots. The machine is 2-feet longer and 1-1.5 foot wider than the heat table depending on the model used.

This product is available for purchase for $46,425.00 (price may change without prior notice). EB2076LX offers 6 months direct 24/7 support, 1 complete gantry, 1 complete Y axis rails and 1 heated table.

It also includes 2 single all metal micron extruders, 1 removable x-axis carriage, 1 control center 200 amp (WiFi upgradable), 1 Wireless IP camera (Pan Tilt App Ready), 1 Toolkit, 1 Plastic sampler and 1 setup CD.

  • 2-feet longer and 1-1.5 foot wide
  • Includes 1 complete gantry, Y axis rails and heated table
  • Offers 6 months direct 24/7 support
  • Printing is still slow
  • Transport Cost



This is a multi-tool machine that can create your objects as you please. It is very versatile that you can produce anything you have in mind in just a short span of time. Also, it comes with pellet extruder, fluid-dense extruder, and a machine milling.

Delta WASP 3MT has a physical dimension of 210x235x300 cm with a working area of 100 cm. The machine weighs 170 kg. With this 3D printer, you can bring to life your creativity. Some of the things produce by this 3D printer includes home furniture like chair, vases and more.

  • Can create home furniture like chair, vases, etc
  • Multi-tool machine
  • Comes with pellet extruder, fluid-dense extruder, and a machine milling
  • Difficult to calibrate at start
  • Long set up time

Leapfrog XceL

Source: Fabbaloo

Leapfrog XceL is the biggest printer from the company. It has a huge building platform of 610 liters with a patented perfect level bed calibration, wifi-compatible cross-platform and automatic filament loading and detection. This printer can produce life-size prints at high precision, which gives one the opportunity to make any project possible.

This device comes with a WiFi accessible software that allows you to access it on your phone, tablet and PC. Thus, you can upload your print to the XceL and start the job wherever you are. This intuitive software also allows you to see the filament and time left. You can also pause or resume printing via WiFi.

In addition, this 3D printer has a dual extrusion with a closed environment. It includes a sliding door that easily gives you access to your prints. A closed environment is better in developing high-quality prints due to constant temperature during the entire process. Among the products 3D printed from this machine are chair and lamps.

  • Huge building platform of 610 liters
  • Has a dual extrusion with closed environment
  • Produce life-size prints at high precision
  • A lot of filament could be wasted


Source: Daily Mail

This large-scale 3D printer is not for sale but they travel to offer demos on how the printer works. Kamermaker is a Dutch term for “room maker.” This large printer has a build area of 6.6 ft x 6.6ft x 11.5ft. It is enclosed in a movable metal pavilion which makes traveling easy and convenient. This printer is a cooperative effort of the DUS Architects, Ultimaker and Fablab Protospace with the mission of creating temporary and permanent housing out of recycled materials.

One of the most popular products of KamerMaker is the 3D Print Canal House in Amsterdam which is also an exhibition site. You can book a personal tour to see Kamermaker in action as it 3D prints on small and a large scale. You will also be taken inside the printer itself.

There will also be a discussion its history and evolution, material and construction research, and more! According to Gadgets360, it took Kamermaker a week to print the massive and unique honeycomb structure block of the canal house layer by layer.

KamerMaker 2.0 is already in the works. The new version is expected to be better and faster. The still in the works large 3D printer has automated material input and remote control. More so, it can also print 24/7 because it has integrated the drying system.

  • Build area of 6.6 ft x 6.6ft x 11.5ft
  • Enclosed in a movable metal pavilion
  • Automated material input and remote control
  • Not for sale, demo only
  • Extrusion process is still in correction

BigRep ONE

Source: abs3d

BigRep ONE is designed to make 3D printing large-scale objects easy and convenient. Its latest version, v3 represent the company’s full expertise and experience. It delivers a better quality, higher speed and increased safety.

The Big Rep One has the biggest build FFF build volume on the international market with its X 1005mm * Y 1005mm * Z 1005mm and capacity of over one cubic meter. In addition, it can hold all standard spool sizes up to 10 kilograms and comes with a run-out detection system to notify you when the spool is about to end.

This 3D printer is open to allow you to monitor the quality and progress of the object being printed. However, all the moving parts are enclosed for safety.

  • Build capacity of over one cubic meter
  • Can hold all standard spool sizes up to 10 kilograms
  • With run-out detection system of spool is out
  • Bigger prints requires lot of filaments
  • Pricey

Buying Large 3D Printers

Large 3D printers are expensive but they also offer large 3D printing outputs that you can’t get with cheap and small 3D printers. For business-minded individuals who wish to use 3D printers to earn the return on investment is substantial.

Overall, Large-scale 3D printers are expensive but using these machines is practical especially for low-cost housing because it increases efficiency but cuts costs, labor and production time.


A large format 3D printer is more powerful than the small ones because it has the capacity to produce big prints like houses, apartments or edifices. However, for individuals who want to enjoy 3D printing at home and only aim to produce small objects, small 3D printers will do.

Always remember that it’s best to get the 3D printer that suits your needs regardless of the size. So you should think about the objects that you plan to print ahead to determine which of the 3d printer sizes you should get.

If you wish to learn more about 3D printing, feel free to visit our homepage.