10 Best 3D Animation Software

Looking for a program in which you can create your own animation with your own voice acting and characters invented by yourself?

This is quite an interesting business. It is a pleasure and even eventually helps to make a career as an animator.

There are a huge number of programs that allow you to create animation. So, here in this article let’s know about the best 3d animation software.


What Does 3D Animation Software Do?

Today, animation tools are used in almost all areas. Cartoons are shown for entertainment purposes on television and cinemas, as advertisements, presentations, and many applications.

Everything is limited by the imagination of the designer. To teach this art to people on the Internet, simulators come to the rescue. They use animation to react to real-time events and are non-deterministic.

Computer animation is the process of creating cartoons using graphics programs. It is the digital successor to 3D motion capture and 2D frame-by-frame animation.

When shooting a cartoon, the illusion of movement is created when the image is displayed on the computer screen and periodically replaced by a similar one. The same effect is obtained in TV and movies.

Speaking of software, you will be interested to know about the biggest software companies in the world.

They can be downloaded for free on the Internet. Such programs include add-ons, such as applications for creating 3D animation and cartoons, exporting tools, and so on.

Computer animation can be created using the software. Animation – animation of a picture in order to show the movement of characters. 3D animation creates an image that looks real to viewers. Animation software will help solve complex problems.

If you’re creative, these programs will help you create your own animated creations. We provide a list of the best animation software. They can be downloaded to your computer. You might be interested in the article 10 best 3d animation software. See these below…

10 Best 3d Animation Software

Creating 3D animation or visual effects for film, television, video game development and virtual reality requires a combination of technical, and creative skills.

Houdini is the ideal tool to combine the above areas during the creation, editing, and rendering of projects from the very concept of the product to the final result. So, see below the 10 best 3d animation software.

1. Autodesk Maya

So, Autodesk Maya is a program that is designed to create 3D graphics. It has been a leader among other specialized programs for 20 years. Thanks to this, modern cartoons, games, and animated feature films are created.

This is number 1 among such programs among Hollywood specialists. It is worth adding that the program has high system requirements, and you will need a powerful computer or laptop to work.

Maya Personal Learning Edition. This package was created for non-commercial purposes and was free. Of course, as a free package, it had its limitations on size, and functions, and automatically marked the finished result with a certain watermark.

Maya Complete is a basic set that has all the features you need. However, this version also has limitations – the lack of physical simulation modules.

Maya Unlimited is a complete package that includes absolutely all the necessary features, tools, and effects, and has no restrictions.

Maya has the most important advantage that distinguishes it from other programs. It boasts of its open and flexible platform. This zest allows developers to remake the version for themselves, simply by rewriting the code.

2. Blender

Blender is one of the most popular 3D modeling software. This is a multifunctional software, familiarity with which will be useful for those who are just entering the world of three-dimensional graphics and who seek to understand the basic principles of this industry.

Blender 3D is a free software product designed to create and edit three-dimensional graphics. The program is distributed on all popular platforms, has an open-source code, and is available completely free of charge to everyone, and there is also a version in Russian.

These features have made it extremely popular among both novice users and true modeling professionals. Software is often chosen as the main working tool for large and serious projects.

Blender 3D will be able to introduce you to the main features of 3D modeling, as well as offer you to use clear tools for creating or editing models.

3. Daz 3D

Daz Studio is a new milestone in the field of 3D graphics and create animations.

Over time, this application is becoming more and more popular among numerous amateurs and professionals in this field.

Today, this product is generally utilized in the cutting-edge gaming industry for character creation.

This completely free program is used to create 3D graphics. 3D characters are developed in this free editor. A tremendous benefit of the program is that it has a huge data set of important additional items such as various surfaces, certain 3D articles, working modules, and expansions.

The application runs on the Nvidia Iray motor and is ideal for rapidly making proficient liveliness models of the greatest quality.

DAZ Studio is an almost perfect tool used to develop modern digital art and animation with the creation of virtual figures of people, various animals, props, vehicles, and accessories.

The user can change any object, game character, or occurring phenomenon, add the required number of people to the scene, install people, different animals or aliens, and various inanimate objects.

Models can dress up in selected details, and furniture, backgrounds, and objects are placed in the room. The light, location, and size of a plurality of cameras are also positioned and adjusted.

The instructions for downloading and installing this application are not very complicated, so even a novice user can easily figure it out.

The user must first download and run DAZ Install Manager, and then he will receive a list of products ready to be downloaded and installed. Then he must follow the prompts of the installer.

4. Houdini

Houdini is an advanced 3D animation software. For those who want to get acquainted with the software, there is a free version with a compressed set of functions.

An extensive library gives the artist scope to create the most realistic objects. Houdini allows you to edit keyframes and animate the created characters.

Houdini is a powerful and innovative graphics program designed to create stunning special effects. This product is a leading market leader in its specialization, as it is used not only by amateurs but also by world-famous professionals.

The engine on which the program is based allows users to create the most unimaginable things: huge fires, spectacular explosions, large-scale destruction, and
much more.

Moreover, all these effects are performed at the highest level, which is why Houdini is often used by specialists when creating films.

Professionals will be able to create a project on their own, processing each graphic particle personally, but for beginners, there are already ready-made templates that greatly simplify the entire work process.

Therefore, even without special skills and knowledge, people themselves can create high-quality special effects.

5. Keyshot

To date, the computer software market has a truly huge selection of tools that allow real-time rendering.

Such programs have both advantages and disadvantages, as well as a set of specific functions.

Among all of them, Keyshot stands out, which is due to the presence of features in this software tool that make it preferred not only for beginners, but also for professionals involved in computer graphics.

Given these facts, it is worth getting to know this application better and finding out what advantages and disadvantages it has and what analogs of this software product exist on the market.

KeyShot is a modern, advanced interactive program that is designed to simulate global illumination and beaming. It was created by Luxion for Windows and macOS.

KeyShot is a paid program. You can buy it both on the official website of the developer and in many online stores specializing in the sale of licensed software products. Depending on the type of license, the cost of this software will change.

6. Cascadeur

Cascadeur has actually based on movement programming. First delivered as a shut beta last year, Cascadeur utilizes a scope of material science and AI devices to improve on the most common way of energizing characters and animals.

This toolkit is suitable for both professionals and animation enthusiasts because the intuitive user interface design will get you up and running quickly, even if you have no experience in such editors.

You can create a physical character rig and customize it to suit your character. You can animate not only humanoids but also other creatures with any number of limbs.

You can also apply physical tools to them, which greatly help the animator to create realistic result on your own.

7. Cinema 4D

For 2019, Cinema 4D is the easiest-to-use program for 3D artists, at least as stated on the developer’s website.

All the main advantages are also present: ease of use, everyone’s favorite intuitive interface, stability, integrated help, procedural workflow, and availability of the program in different versions depending on the purpose of use.

Cinema 4D is an unlimited field for creative activity. The program has many advantages over similar competitors. The same 3Ds Max is very difficult to handle and master. That is why Cinema 4D is so liked by many students and fans of 3D graphics.

The user can design the program in a way that is convenient for him due to a large number of modules, plug-ins, patches, and packages. And all this is official, with a minimum number of bugs and manuals for novice users.

The program provides inimitable visual effects and tools for the “magic” of the movie. Visualization tools have been used in films such as Blade Runner 2019, Doctor Strange, Beowulf, and Catch the Wave.

8. MotionBuilder

MotionBuilder software is a very powerful and technically advanced graphics editor with which users can create their own three-dimensional animation.

The developers used in their utility the most modern and unique technologies that bring projects to the most professional level.

The application is very versatile in its application because it can be effectively used to create computer games, 3D movies, TV shows, or commercials.

At the same time, the software will be relevant for beginners, in the matter of creating amateur projects.

Particularly pleased with the wide range of ready-made templates and presets, with which you can very quickly create a new character, visual effect, or even a full-fledged animation. Many aspects of the work will take place in a fully automated environment.

9. Crazy Talk

CrazyTalk is a handy utility for creating 2D and 3D animated characters. Has a large selection of hairstyles, backgrounds, accessories, and makeup tools.

In this multifunctional, interesting, and high-quality application, the user will be able to realize all his fantasies and create a talking actor, bringing the faces in the photos to life.

After uploading your own or a friend’s face, using the settings, you can crop the outline, rotate the mask to adjust the position of the head, and adjust the location of control points and the wireframe.

To work in CrazyTalk, you need to register, then upload two static photographs, set the position of key points, and wait for the transformation into an animated character.

The finished character, using an integrated speech synthesizer, voices the text entered by the user, expresses the specified emotions, or “puts on” interesting accessories, hairstyles, and makeup.

10. Mari

Foundry Mari is advanced and high-tech software that is essential for creating high-quality 3D models.

This digital project is one of the most famous and effective in this specialization, due to its high functionality and professional level of work quality.

This utility is ideal for designers, software editors, and other professionals who create graphic objects. This process is carried out here as quickly as possible, and the quality is at a professional level.

There is also the possibility of deep processing of manufactured elements, for example, changing the size, or painting the surfaces of the model.

Auxiliary tools are able to ensure the performance of completely different types of work at the highest possible level.

FAQ Best Animation 3D Software

Following are the best 3D animation programs.

What Program To Choose For 3D Animation?

Opening our list are 4 universal programs: Blender, 3dsMax, Maya, and Cinema 4D. In each of them, you can create models of objects and characters, assemble a scene, set up lighting and materials, add animation, and render the final image or video. Blender.

Which Is Better Blender Or Maya?

Maya is more advanced from a technical point of view, but Blender’s functionality is wider, although in places it is less developed. It is effective for small projects and startups. The functionality in both software is practically interchangeable.

Which Is Better Blender Or Cinema 4D?

In short they are about the same in terms of power, C4D has more animation options, and Blender is more difficult in terms of learning, but it is free and has a huge community (and, therefore, more gadgets).


Animation is the illusion of movement created through a series of still photographs, drawings, or poses. Images are captured, stacked in sequence, and then displayed at high speed one after the other.

Modern animation platforms easily integrate with video editing programs, drawing tools, or 3D modeling programs. Below is a list of some of the best animation software for beginners who are just starting their careers.



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