ABS Filament: 1.75, 3mm Transparent Fiber For Your 3D Printer

ABS filament is a strong and versatile material for 3D printing. It’s not as easy to use as PLA for beginners but is the perfect choice when you are creating something that needs to be durable.

Are you looking for a durable and flexible material for your next 3D printing project? If you

do, ABS filament could be the best choice. It’s not very easy to use but manageable.

Don’t worry we’re here to help you get started with this type of filament. We can assure you that with this material, you will have heat-resistant and strong final products. Continue reading to know more about this material.

What is ABS Filament?

abs 3d printing filament

📌ABS is the acronym for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It is a popular type of thermoplastic. It is usually used for injection molding. This material is also used for making sports equipment, instruments, and the famous Lego.

For beginners, it will be a bit difficult to start with ABS filaments. If you have been using PLA in your previous projects, there is a huge difference once you start using ABS filaments.

You may find that it’s trickier to use ABS for 3D printing. You will also need to take a few more steps when you are printing with this material. In addition, it has different settings for printing.

ABS and PLA are the most popular filaments, so they are often compared with each other. If you want to know more about the differences between these two materials, you can check this out: ABS vs PLA filament (please link the text to ABS VS PLA page).

Back to ABS filament, again, don’t fret if it’s starting to sound too daunting. What you can be sure of is that ABS filament for a 3D printer is strong as well as heat-resistant.

It also has great options for post-processing. By the time you finish reading this article, you will feel more confident to use the 3D ABS filament.

📌In addition, ABS filaments are available in different colors and sizes. There are 3mm abs filament and 1.75 abs filament. There are also clear abs filament and transparent abs filament.

You can explore different projects using this material because of the wide variety. It is high-quality, is available in different color and is strong and durable.

ABS Filament Temperature

abs filamentWhen you work with a new roll of ABS filaments, general advice would be for you to begin printing at around 23°C. You can then adjust the temperature down or up in 5° increments until such time that you get the right quality and strength that you are looking for.

📌What happens when the temperature is too high?

When the temperature is too high, you will likely see strings in between the individual areas of the parts being printed. You will also notice that your extruder is leaking out too much plastic while it is moving in between the different areas of the parts you are printing.

When this starts happening, try to lower the temperature incrementally by 5° until such time that your extruder is no longer releasing too much material.

There will be times that you will use a material that may leak more even when the temperature is not that high. We highly recommend that when this happens, you set the retraction higher by 3 to 4 millimeters.

📌What happens when the temperature is too low?

When the temperature is not high enough, you will observe that the ABS filament will not stick to the first layer. You will also see that the surface of the final product is rough.

It may also be that there are parts that are not as strong as the other parts and you can pull them apart too easily. If this is the case, set the temperature high by 5° and then try to print again. Do this until you finally get line segments that are good and strong on each of the layers.

Best ABS Filament

Now that you know the different details about ABS filaments for 3D printing, we’ll share with you the top three ABS filaments brands that are available on the market today.

The brands that you will find in the following section have impressed us with its quality and performance. Hopefully, this will help you in deciding which one you’ll get.

1. Hatchbox ABS Filament

hatchbox abs filament

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📌Hatchbox is among the brands that we highly recommend when it comes to quality and price. You can be sure that the parts printed using this brand will be good.

You can also check for reviews from other customers, and you will see that they are satisfied with the ABS filaments from Hatchbox. During printing, you won’t be seeing any excess strings. The colors are also great as they remain true to form.

  • Doesn’t become excessively stringy when printing.
  • Colors don’t alter when printed.
  • Good quality for its price.
  • Most affordable among the three brands listed.
  • Some users have experienced that it constantly pops during printing.
  • May come in a packaging that is not properly sealed so the filaments have absorbed moisture.
Diameter 1.75 mm abs filament
Weight 2.2 pounds
Color Black


hatchbox abs filament

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2. 3D Solutech ABS Filament


3s solutech

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This brand is also very reliable. Its price is close to Hatchbox, but it does have some extra features. 3D Solutech forges the future. It doesn’t require a heating bed, has no bubbles and residues, and no odor, too.

📌Many professionals like this brand because the final product has good layer adhesion, consistent finish, and you can be sure that it is solid. You will certainly get great value for your money with 3D solutech ABS filaments.
  • Widely available in many online stores as well as local stores.
  • Produces parts that are solid with great adhesion, and consistent finish.
  • High quality product with many satisfied users.
  • Can be a bit more expensive than other brands.
  • Some spools already have moisture when sent to customers.
  • Some parts had spots and bubbles when printed.
Brand 3D Solutech
Diameter 1.75mm abs filament
Weight 2.2 pounds
Color Natural Clear

3s solutech

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3. MakerBot ABS Filament

makerbot abs filament

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ABS filaments from MakerBot are made and tested in the US. You can be sure that the quality of the final product is great every time you use it for printing.

📌The filaments are flexible and strong. They also come in so many different colors. MakerBot offers you different variants including neon, translucent, and glowing finishes.
  • A product of the US.
  • Flexible and strong filaments.
  • Comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from.
  • Some users experienced getting their printer jammed when using this filament.
  • There were some filaments that were sent to users that have already absorbed moisture.
  • It is more expensive than the other two brands
Brand MakerBot
Diameter 1.75mm abs filament
Weight 2.2 pounds
Color Black
Spool Diameter 8 inches
Spool Width 3 inches
Spool Hub Hole 2 inches


makerbot abs filament

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To help you compare these three brands, you can check out the table below.

Specifications Hatchbox 3D Solutech MakerBot
Price Per Spool $19.99 $15.99 $44.59
Recommended Nozzle Temperature 210°C – 240°C 220°C – 230°C 230°C
Rating 4/5 3.7/5 3.5/5



📌ABS filament is one of the most popular materials for 3D printing. It is easily and readily available. But this produces fumes with unpleasant smells. In addition, it is not very easy to use.

But ABS filaments are actually not as complicated as you think once you know the basic steps. It just takes time and getting used to. ABS filaments are versatile, strong, and produce heat-resistant parts.

Have you tried using ABS filaments 3D printer? What do you think about this material? Feel free to share your experience with it in the comment section below!