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3D printing is the future.

And AllThat3D is here to help you stay at the forefront of additive manufacturing as you turn awesome ideas into beautiful 3D-printed products.

AllThat3D is your trusted blog that offers a wide selection of information on industry-grade 3D printers. Be it for school, office, commerce/business, or home, we’ve got the perfect 3D printer for all your needs!

Why AllThat3D?

Helps You Find Quality And Affordable 3d Printers 

We’ll help you find a variety of budget-friendly 3D printers without compromising quality and durability. Our team reviews and promotes models are built to last as they are designed and created by established 3D printer manufacturers around the world.

Promotes Sustainability

As we step into a more efficient and sustainable form of additive manufacturing, AllThat3D strives to help protect the environment through reduced energy waste and carbon footprint.

Provides Reliable Information About 3D Printer And Pens

The last thing that we want is to make our readers confused, or worse, lead them to believing false information. Our team are committed to bringing you high-quality content driven by intensive research and crafted by an experienced author.

Contributes To A Hassle-Free Shopping Experience

Making online purchases, especially for devices like 3D printers or 3D Pens, can be stressful and risky. But not if you head over to AllThat3D first! We’ve partnered with trusted 3D printer manufacturers to ensure that we help you shop from only the best.

About the Author

“3D printing is a game-changer. And I strive to lead the manufacturing revolution.”

Ethan Clark

Engineer, software designer, technical writer, blogger, technical expert, and environmental advocate.

Having studied mechanical engineering, computer and software design in MIT, he has already built a high level of understanding of technological innovations, equipment, and tools.

Nothing quite amazes me the way 3D printers do. It’s rare to find technological advancements that not only move towards efficiency but sustainability as well.

Additive manufacturing shows us that we can create something beautiful without the need to ruin the beauty of nature.

Because of this, he is committed to helping the 3D printing industry gain more recognition by bridging the gap between 3D printers and consumer awareness. He started on this mission four years ago and here he is still getting mesmerized by what 3D printers can do.

And this is just the beginning. As we are headed towards further system upgrades, the function and capacity of 3D printers are forecasted to overreach.

He has also worked closely with top 3D printer manufacturers worldwide so he understand exactly what impeccable design and sterling quality mean. And he can guarantee AllThat3D offers both. Often even more.

Aside from being tech-savvy, he is also a certified foodie. He eats 3D printing terms and Haute cuisine for breakfast – almost close to being literal. Making his brain and stomach full isn’t just a hobby; it’s his lifestyle.