How To Make Action Figures With 3D Printer | Top Tips

With the development of technology, new gadgets appear every time that are incomprehensible to ordinary users. Despite their uniqueness and commercial interest, 3D printers are no exception.

They are still not actively used for industrial earnings, not to mention home. In this article, we will try to figure out how you can make 3d printing action figures at home and what is required for this. So, see below how to make 3d printing action figures..

3D Printing Technologies For Own Action Figures

Of the most famous printing technologies, there are 2 types of printers that are suitable for making figures:

FDM Devices

Basic plastic fusing technology. The figure is obtained by layer-by-layer extrusion of plastic under the influence of high temperatures.

Quite slow, but the cheapest way. When making a figurine on an FDM printer, a long post-processing process awaits you.

SLA Devices

The technology of stereolithographic sintering. Layers of figurines are formed due to instant sintering of a whole cut of a photopolymer with a thickness of tenths of an mm.

Fast and high-quality way. The figures are clearer. SLA devices have a lower percentage of defects and there is no such number of print defects.

However, the final cost of the figurine exceeds the cost of a similar product of an FDM printer by an order of magnitude.

If we consider the printer specifically for commercial purposes, then it is better to start with FDM. SLA-type devices can be purchased later when the printer can raise prices without much risk of losing income. Photopolymer printers are used to make figurines with high detail.

How To Make 3d Printing Action Figures?

For full-fledged printing of figurines, you will need to buy an appropriate printer, and consumables for it, and also master the basics of three-dimensional printing.

Here you need to take into account one more thing – the complexity of the models and post-processing. So, see below the steps for making 3d printed action figures.


The choice of a printer rests on one main criterion finances. If the printer has the money, then it is worth getting a model with a larger print area, a heated table, and a reliable and stable frame.

A good solution would be to buy a printer with a dual extruder. This will allow you to print models of several colors in one pass. Faster and more productive models can be bought when the user has a print queue for several weeks in advance.

Downloading 3D Models

Each 3D printing project begins with a 3D model. The main inquiry is where is the model going to come from?

If you simply have any desire to get to the 3D printing step as fast as could really be expected, then, at that point, you can basically download models from any of these locales.

For the people who are searching for proficient grade 3D models that were planned explicitly for activity figures, we do have not many proposals.

Toy Forge, CGTrader Thingiverse, and MyMiniFactory are great choices for downloading proficient quality 3D models.


To make full-fledged busts or profiles of people, you need to get a 3D scanner. For all other figures, there are enough ready-made solutions on the network. It is worth noting that this device can exceed the price of a 3D printer several times.

For scanning people, it is better to use hand-held mobile devices so that a virtual impression can be taken. For scanning, you will also need 3D scanning apps.


To make action figures in FDM printer, since most printers use these particular devices. When making figurines, you will need a simple plastic type:

• ABS is the most common and inexpensive type of filament;
PLA is a biodegradable plastic, an environmentally friendly material.

ABS is a more reliable and durable material, but it has its drawbacks. It gives a lot of shrinkages when working. It will take several times to adjust and adjust the printer.

PLA is suitable for entry-level. So to speak, to fill your hand. In terms of price/quality ratio, it is still better to choose ABS and eventually switch to it.


Seldom would you see an activity figure with only a solitary tone? In the event that you’re holding back nothing look, you will unquestionably have to paint your completed prints.

This is particularly evident in the event that you’re attempting to make an activity figure displayed from a famous animation or computer game person.

For finishing up your model apply no less than two layers of the groundwork, permitting the past coat to dry before reapplication. The layer of dried preliminary can likewise be sanded to hold a smooth surface.