3D Printer Price – How Much Does a 3D Printer Cost?

3D printer cost may vary depending on its features and quality of output. Check out the 3D printer price list below and you will definitely find one that suits your needs and budget.

how much does a 3d printer cost price tag price of the printer printers in this price cost to 3d print 3d printer pricesHow much does a 3D printer cost? How much are 3D printers? I’ve heard these questions a number of times and many give an outright response saying that it’s “expensive.”

It’s true that most 3D printers are costly, but there is also a number of machines that are available in a reasonable price range. By reasonable, I mean affordable and good quality, they might not be as powerful as the high-end machines, but they are as functional.

If you are interested in 3D printer pricing, you’re just on the right page. By the end of this article, you will understand 3D printer prices and why they are priced as such. Also, you will have a new perspective on its pricing.

3D Printer Check ProductPrinter TypeWeightBuild VolumeFilament Size
RepRap Guru Prusa i3 Click Here To Check PriceDIY and Budget 3D Printers (below $300)21.8 lbs200 x 200 x 180 mm1.75 mm
Flashforge FinderClick Here To Check PriceEntry level 3D printers ($200-$550)44 lbs140 x 140 x 140 mm1.75 mm
Flashforge Creator ProClick Here To Check PriceHobbyist 3D printers ($550- $1000)32.7 lbs227 X 148 X 150 mm1.75 mm
Flashforge DreamerClick Here To Check PriceEnthusiast 3D printers ($1000 – $2000)24.3 lbs230 x 150 x 140 mm1.75 mm
Flashforge Guider 2SClick Here To Check PriceProfessional 3D printers ($2000 – $6000)39 lbs549 x 490 x 755 mm1.75 mm
ExOneClick Here To Check PriceIndustrial 3D printers (Above $20,000)2249 lbs1675 x 1400 x 1855 mm--
Anycubic PhotonClick Here To Check PriceBudget Resin 3D Printers ($150 - $300)4.7kg97 x 54 x 150 mm--

How Much Is A 3D Printer?

How Much Is A 3D Printer? price tag price of the printer printers in this price 3d printing prices 3 d printer cost

📌In general, the price of 3D printers may vary depending on what type you get the features it offers including its printing quality. The cost may start from $200 and go beyond $100,000 or more.

I also recommend that you consider the electricity costs, maintenance costs and shipping costs. You can make money from industrial 3D printers but take note that they are more expensive and they require maintenance.

So, you should decide what type of 3D printing machine to get.  To give you an overview of 3D printing prices, here are the different 3D printing categories including their cost.

DIY and Budget 3D Printers (below $300)

reprapguru diy kit 3d printer costs 3d printing prices

Click Here To Check Price For RepRap Guru Prusa i3


Printers in this range are the most affordable ones that you will find in the market. However, they might not be the best because they use cheap and inexpensive materials. Some of them have questionable quality and functionality.

For DIY 3D printers, you have to assemble it as they are usually sold as kits. The good thing about these 3D printers is they are customizable, so you can modify them extensively and make them optimal for your needs. You can do your part to make this type of printer into a workable standard.

📌However, you need to be patient and perseverance because you need to assemble it. Also, these 3D printing machines usually require a decent bit of calibration and repair because they don’t work straight out of the box. The functionalities of these performance printers are often limited.

DIY and budget 3D printers are the best options for those who are in a tight budget and want to own their first 3D printing machine. Yes, DIY is the way to go for an affordable printer.

reprapguru diy kit 3d printer price range

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Entry level 3D printers ($200-$550)

Flashforge Finder

Click Here To Check Price For Flashforge Finder

📌For those who are new to 3D printing and want to purchase their first machine, an entry-level beginner 3D printer is highly recommended. These 3D printers don’t cost you much because you can buy one under $550, but they are packed with smart features to get the job done.

Unfortunately, these low price 3D printers also come with limitations. It can be noisy and slow compared to its expensive counterparts.

In addition, your choice of materials is limited as you will only be able to use one or two filaments. Also, entry-level 3D printers only allow you to print small 3D objects with inferior resolution.

You can’t expect too much from this category. In fact, you may have to assemble the machine itself and this may be hard depending on the model of the machine you get.

Flashforge Finder is a great entry-level machine because it is reasonably priced, prints quietly and mostly pre-assembled. In fact, you can consider this a plug-and-play machine. You just have to add the filament and you can use it immediately. It is retailed for only $547.

Flashforge Finder

Check Price Here

Hobbyist 3D printers ($550- $1000)

Flashforge Creator Pro II

Click Here To Check Price For Flashforge Creator Pro

📌For those who have some experience with 3D printing and have the passion to produce more 3D printed objects then this is for you. The printers in this category are better, faster and more flexible.

Hobbyist 3D printers can help you produce bigger 3D parts compared to entry-level. In addition, it has better quality and the turn-around time is faster.

When it comes to flexibility, it allows you to use more than one material. Thus, you can be more creative when you get this printer.

📌This category is a great upgrade from the basic 3D printers. However, this is not as robust and reliable as the professional 3D printers. So, you should not leave it running for too long or use them often. Otherwise, you can’t expect this to last for many years.

Flashforge Creator Pro is one of the hobbyist 3D printers that you can get on the market that excels in this category.

Flashforge Creator Pro II

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Enthusiast 3D printers ($1000 – $2000)

FlashForge Dreamer

Click Here To Check Price For Flashforge Dreamer

📌For those who already took their 3D printing hobby to a higher level, the best 3D machines for you are in this category. This kind of printer is more solid and robust with user-friendly features. In addition, it’s faster and quieter compared to the entry- and hobbyist-level 3D printers.

This type of 3D device also gives you better quality outputs and more flexibility when it comes to your choice of material. However, despite its flexibility, it still comes with limitations. This is not the best option to go into production.

I understand that you love 3D printing that’s why you get this, but you should still limit your usage. This is not the best machine for continuous use. If you use this for too long and more frequently than recommended, you may find yourself doing more repairs and maintenance.

📌Flashforge Dreamer belongs to this category. It’s more reliable, easier to use and has more powerful specs like patented dual extruder structure and ARM Cortex-M4 CPU processor for fasting computing. It’s also equipped with a large build volume.

FlashForge Dreamer

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Professional 3D printers ($2000 – $6000)

Flashforge Guide 2S 3D Printer

Click Here to Check Price for Flashforge Guide 2S

If you are serious with 3D printing and want this hobby to work for you, then this is the way to go. This 3D printing machine produces high-quality 3D parts with a build-area of around 12″. It can also print fast while maintaining the quality of the object.

📌The good thing about professional 3D printers is that they are durable. Unfortunately, it’s not cheap. You’ve got to dedicate yourself to the craft and make sure that the purchase is worth it once you get this type of printer.

Those who get professional 3D printers are usually the following:

  • Schools and universities
  • Robotics clubs
  • Businesses – large and small enterprises

Flashforge Guide 2S belongs to this category. It’s one of the most advanced desktop 3D printer that you will find on the market. It has patented extruder structure, built-in HD camera for monitoring, filter technology that reduces odors and emissions and more.

Flashforge Guide 2S 3D Printer

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Industrial 3D printers (Above $20,000)

ExOne professional 3d printer printing time cost calculator hobbyist printers scale 3d printers hourly rate printing job

Click Here To Check Price For ExOne

📌When you need a serious machine for serious business, then you are looking for an industrial 3D printer. This 3D printing machine prints high-quality parts faster than any other category.

Most of the machines under this category are durable and are built with plenty of metal in their construction. They also come with user-friendly interfaces for custom printing. But this also means that you have to spend on its maintenance.

Its price is way more expensive than the professional 3D printing machine. So, before getting one you should determine what you really need. If you are planning to make money from 3D printing, then this is probably the one for you.

ExOne, one of the top 3d printing companies in the world released S-Print, which is suited for industrial purposes. It can create complex 3D objects and molds directly from CAD data, eliminating the need for a physical pattern to create a core or mold. It boasts of high-accuracy, high-productivity, and customizable platform.

ExOne professional 3d printer printing time cost calculator hobbyist printers scale 3d printers hourly rate printing job

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Budget Resin 3D Printers ($150 – $300)

Click Here To Check Price For Anycubic Photon

Resin 3D printers deliver accurate prints and work relatively fast. Years ago, this type of machine used to cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, there are already desktop resin 3D printers available that deliver the same quality results but at a much cheaper price.

Since desktop resin 3D printers are cheaper, they also have some drawbacks compared to the more expensive counterparts. They usually come with smaller build volume, so you can only print small objects. Also, the print resolution is reduced.

Although these machines are small in size, they still produce great 3D printed objects. They are worth trying especially for those who want to shift in resin 3D printing.

For those who wish to start printing with resin, we highly recommend Anycubic Photon. It is the cheapest resin 3D printer you can find in the market, but it is very powerful and it works well.

📌 Anycubic Photon 3D Printer offers you a smooth 3D printing experience. It is precise and its FEP film is simple and quick to replace. It is also equipped with an upgraded UV module and UV cooling system.

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3D printers come in different categories depending on their features, quality, and prices. You can always find one according to your need and budget. Although there are expensive machines, there are also affordable ones. Just take the time to search for a printer that qualifies to your checklist because pretty sure you will find one.

📌Just remember that the capability of your machine may also depend on its cost. The cost of 3D printing machines varies and low cost-3D printing machines usually offer limited features. They have slow speed and print low-quality objects compared to the expensive ones. So, choose what suits your needs and budget best.

If you need to know more about 3D printers, feel free to check our homepage.

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