21 Best 3D Printed Toys Ideas

The possibilities of 3D printing are increasing every day, making the list of what can be done with a 3D printer grow.

We can use modern technologies not only in industry but also for business or even home use, creating unique and unusual things on our own. So, in this article see below 21 ideas for 3d printed toys.

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21 Best 3D Printed Toys Ideas

The use of 3D printing for home is increasingly becoming commonplace. Indeed, we can create many things that are familiar to us according to our own layout, giving them uniqueness or additional functions. So, see below the 21 best 3d printed toy ideas.

1. Dragon Lamp

Game of Thrones’ latest series might have split fans of the show on whether or not it was good, but there’s no denying that the dragons were awesome. Making the most of the love for mythical winged creatures, an Etsy seller set out to make stunning 3D printed dragon lamps, complete with burning hellfire.

2. Google Droid

When a Redditor’s wheel-attached brother needed to start a job at Google, they turned to the 3D printer to turn it into something awesome to act as their office pal. A lot of thought has gone into this little print as well.

3. Godzilla

This splendid vision of Godzilla was motivated by the model and adding a cool portion of furious water under his feet and a splendid framework that utilized vape innovation to blow smoke from his mouth.

4. Batman

We bet a cutting-edge Bruce Wayne would have a couple of 3D printers in his home. He would presumably additionally support his energized similarity being reproduced here. 3D printing devotee Fotis Mint has made this phenomenal model of the Dark Knight for individuals to print themselves.

5. Captain America’s Shield

For all the MCU spreads out there, this one will undoubtedly be a group pleaser.
The first directions are for a little variant of the safeguard, scaled to around 10 inches. But since it’s 3D printed, you can zoom in as well, and this picture shows a client doing precisely that and making a daily existence size safeguard.

6. Animated Characters

The most renowned vivified man and canine combo? Certainly one of the most engaging to beauty our TVs. Wallace and Gromit have filled us with satisfaction throughout the long term. Of course, you will also love anime 3D printed characters and it’s awesome to be print them as well.

7. Groot

The cutest Guardians of the Galaxy character is unquestionably obvious. On the off chance that you love Groot as well, you will undoubtedly endorse this 3D print. You might print Groot sitting, standing, and waving. Such countless decisions. We simply love that the lines from the 3D printing process assist with emphasizing the wooden folds of Groot’s skin.

8. Video Games Characters

In many PC games such as World of Warcraft, users spend a lot of time customizing their virtual characters. Accordingly, they will be more willing to pay for the printing of such a real figurine than to purchase a mass model.

9. Robots

Mechanical toys that are powered by the rotation of the handle have become very popular.

9. 3D Printed Legos

In many ways, a win-win option is to create your own pieces of art. Art is always something new, unique, something that no one has created, ideally a kind of challenge and demolition of patterns.

10. Toy Story Characters

If you are planning to create 3D plastic toys, look for a non-standard niche right away. One of these is mechanical toys powered by the rotation of the handle. It can be wing-flapping pterodactyls, spiders moving their legs, or marathon runners rearranging their legs.

11. 3D Dinosaur

The Flexi Rex baby has become a very popular 3D printable model. The author of the model is strongly requested to mention his name when commercially using the model and distributing files for download.

12. 3D Chess

3D printing techniques have the potential to transform traditional board games as well as to create many novelties. For example, even ordinary chess can now have a modular game board and be assembled like puzzles, and what a huge scope for creativity is left.

13. 3D Cars

A 3D printer can help children explore the world by printing plastic toys. The ease of making these toys at home can compete with the convenience of buying them in stores. In addition, the child himself will always be able to participate in the process of creating toys.

14. Masks and Muzzles

With the help of 3D printing, you can create carnival masks and masks of famous characters from movies, comics, and cartoons with many fans. It is also easy to find on the net the experiences of people in the production of reusable antiviral masks, which, however, are not medical products.

15. Copies Of Towers, Castles, and Lighthouses

Another niche for collecting is copies of famous architectural structures. These can be models of castles, towers, lighthouses, bridges, or arches. The product can be made up of small parts or modules and be a designer and this is another reason to buy.

16. Exact 3D Copies Of A Person

To print 3D copies of people, you need a high-precision scanner that scans the person’s appearance and creates a layout. Also today there are services that allow you to create figurines from photographs without the personal presence of a person.

17. Replica Pets

Another interesting niche is the 3D printing of replicas of pets. Many owners would certainly want to get a figurine of their favorite animal if they had such an opportunity. To do this, you need to send 7-8 photos of your pet from different angles, preferably taken with a professional camera.

18. Baby Octopuses

The miniature articulated octopuses are designed to be printed in one go, without assembly. Models for a 3D printer are available: with and without supports. You can choose a suitable octopus model for your 3D printer and download it here.

19. Spinning Top

The simplest sticky toy – a spinning top or a spinning top has been popular for more than one century. The only difference is that now this toy does not need to be bought or cut out of wood, but can be printed on a 3D printer.

20. Suits

Toys, but for adults full-length 3D Iron Man costumes. If you have time, patience, and a great desire to impress everyone at a Halloween or New Year’s masquerade, or at one of the conventions, then you can download files for 3D printing.

21. Original Pots And Planters

You won’t surprise anyone with an ordinary flower pot, but you can with an anti-gravity one. There are no drainage holes in the pot, so a layer of gravel must be added to the bottom before planting the flower.

To surprise your colleagues and household members, print out a pot floating in the air.


This is a truly exciting industry filled with innovation and opportunity. We hope we were able to give you some inspiration.


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