10 Weird 3D Printed Objects You Do Not Know About

If you find 3D printing interesting, there’s more that you should know about it. 3D printer is powerful enough to provide you the best object you can imagine, it can bring to life anything you have in mind.

If you are wondering what 3D printing can offer, check out the list below. The following list contains the best 3D printed objects that will surely impress you with the wonders and power of 3D printing.

1. 3D Printer

500px-Reprappro-Mendel additive manufacturing aerospace industry
IMG Source: reprap.org

While it may sound unusual, yes, there is a self-replicating 3D printer. Adrian Bowyer was interested in creating an artificial, self-replicating machine and he realized this idea when he created RepRap. Since Bowyer wanted his creation to self-replicate, he left it as an open-source.

Due to its nature to replicate itself, it’s difficult to say how many RepRap 3D printers are available. However, early this year RepRap Pro and another commercial arm of the RepRap project ceased trading due to the huge volume of low-cost 3D printers on the market. However, RepRapPro China continues to operate.

2. Gun

3D-Printed-Metal-Gun-Components-Disassembled-Low-Res area additive manufacturing area and volume
IMG Source: extremetech.com

This is a controversial item to own. Some are supportive of it because it is a great tool for self-defense but others are concerned that being lenient on guns may result in increased crime rates. If you believe that you are a responsible gun owner but can’t ensure yourself a gun license, 3D printing a working gun is not illegal.

Yes, you read it right, you can 3D print a gun for self-defense. According to reports, when 3D printing guns, you can produce semiautomatic, untraceable and legal handguns. However, the US State Department has started banning the stl files for 3D printing guns. 3D printed guns are definitely one of the most controversial and interesting objects a 3D printer can produce.

3. Car

landscape-1438627766-ezra-strati-1 binder jetting
IMG Source: popularmechanics.com

Designing a vehicle is complicated but 3D printing is best as what it does that it can produce a 3D printed car. The car we are talking about here is not a toy car, you can actually use it for a ride.

Aside from being usable, 3D printing a car is fast and easy. For instance, Local Motors developed Strati, a 3D printed electric car for only 44 hours. So if you want a unique car or if you have a model of the car of your dreams and wish to 3D print it, that is doable.

4. Food

Edible-Growth-by-Chloe-Rutzerveld_dezeen_01_644 functional 3D printed items
IMG Source: dezeen.com

It might sound absurd to think of edible food from a 3D printer but 3D printing edibles. In fact, 3D printer food is among the most healthy and nutritious food for you. While a regular 3D printer uses plastic, a specialized 3D food printer use healthy ingredients including algae, beef leaves, seeds, spores, and yeasts.



5. Organs

9244_CM_web working 3d printed objects
IMG Source: nature.com

3D printers are not only good at manufacturing usable items, but they are also capable of bioprinting muscle, tissues, bones, and organs. In fact, there are stl files for human ear, kidney, liver and heart online. If you are interested in printing organs, start by looking at the stl files on Yeggi.com.

3D printing organs are a potential solution to the shortage of donor organs making it among the best 3D printing objects. These 3D printable objects like heart or kidney can extend life, which makes them a huge breakthrough in 3D printing and medicine.

6. Prosthetics

IMG Source: forbes.com

There are instances when prosthetics are necessary, say for someone born without hands or feet or someone who has gotten into an accident and lose her ears or break his jaw. With 3D printing prosthetics are easier, faster, and more convenient to make.

3D printed prosthetics are also customizable for a better fit and not to mention, it is much cheaper. Overall, with 3D printer having the ability to print prosthetics, individuals needing it will need not wait for months or years to enjoy the comfort that they are wishing for because the prosthetic can be done in a day.

7. Building

IMG Source: turbosquid.com

Aside from providing you with a working gun, an edible food, a rideable vehicle, and a working organ and reliable prosthetics, a 3D printer is also capable of allowing you to 3D print huge objects like an apartment building or houses. In China, one company named WinSun claimed to have printed 10 houses in just 24 hours.

The 3D printing process saves tons of materials and time than the traditional construction method. Overall, the company saves about 60 percent of construction waste, 70 percent of production time and about 80 percent of labor costs.

8. Clothes

IMG Source: cgtrader.com

The future of fashion is 3D printing and designers are aware of this. 3D printed clothes are not new in fashion and design. In fact, there are already clothes manufactured via 3D printing since 2010 and the trend continues today.

For those who wanted a complicated design for their fashion collection but have little time to prepare then, 3D printing can help you realize your collection in no time. Overall, a 3D printer has a huge potential in fashion and design. It might also pave the way for you to eventually 3D print your own clothes anywhere you are as long as there is a 3D printer. Check our guide on 3D printer filament types.

9. Guitar

steampunk_oxidized3 musical instruments
IMG Source: odd.org.nz

For musicians who love to play guitar, you can now personalize your favorite musical instruments with 3D printers. Scott Summit showed the world that a 3D printed acoustic guitar is possible. The said instrument is working, which makes it even more amazing.

Aside from designing your own guitar, you can also 3D print guitars, there are a lot of cool things to 3D print. Also, 3D printers can produce other playable instruments like saxophone, violin, flute, trombone, and banjo.

10. Tools

IMG Source: Flickr/PrintME 3D

Among the most useful and efficient items that you can 3D print are tools that you can use at home, which usually includes a hammer and a wrench or tools that you use in your car like a platform jack or a car windshield ice scraper. These are among the basic tools that you should find in every household and with a 3D printer you can 3D print them anytime you need it. Also, you can easily find free stl files online.

3D printing is among the most interesting technology today due to its huge potential in the industry be it in small businesses, retail, engineering, fashion and design, and medicine. Not to mention, there are a lot of cool things to 3D print and you can find free stl files online.

If you also love 3D printing, share with us the best 3D printed objects for you.  Do you also consider the list above as one of the best 3D printed items?

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