3D Printed Iron Man, Suit And Helmet

3D printing is now a prevalent way for Marvel lovers to recreate iconic gaming and movie props that aren’t easily available on the market, and if available then those are rare, or expensive, making the props a choice for cosplayers.

Since the 3D printing method is now widely available and affordable, more and more awesome projects are popping up as viral hits online, with big-scale props as well as statues being the jealousy of many.

One such prop is the iron man suit and helmet. Iron Man fans know very well that Iron man is a character from Marvel Comics. Marvel movies undoubtedly have lovers eager enough to make movie-quality counterparts that they take up to 3D printing as a hobby to satisfy their appetites.

You can either design your suit and helmet depending on your settings, save the design in STL files, or you can download them from a website. Let’s know in detail where and how to 3D print the iron man suit and helmet.


Thing You Need To Print Your Own Iron Man Suit And Helmet

Iron Man is more or less every Marvel movie fan’s favorite character.

Tony Stark’s flamboyance is completely reflected in his suit with its golden and red color options. And often it is the helmet that catches the viewer’s attention.

But the question is, can you 3D print the Iron man suit and helmet? How can you print the suit and helmet? Know it all here…

The Printer

The first and foremost thing you need is a high-quality printer to print the Iron Man helmet and suit. To get the best recommendations, search for The Best 3D Printers for Cosplay on google or youtube.

To buy the best 3D printer, you can get search for it on youtube and you will get recommendations. A customized youtube homepage and tailored ads depending on your past searches and activities will show you the best one.

Youtube generally shows things you search for on youtube before. Youtube authorities even use cookies and data to customize the result based on audience engagement and site statistics, if relevant.

Skills Needed

Anyone can buy a printer but printing a product using a 3D printer is not everyone’s cup of tea. To get the best and fitted 3D printed iron man suit and helmet, you need to learn how to operate the machine, and how to design the suit and helmet. You can see personalized content and ads on youtube to get a vivid idea of how to do it.

The Software

There is a lot of 3D print software available from where you can get the suit and helmet’s STL file.

For this, you can even use the Ultimaker Cura software which is very user-friendly software.

You can even look for other programs such as Prusa Slicer and Simplify3d. But in case you need to have further accurate and advanced software then you can go for Meshmixer!

You can download Slic3r, Cura, and also Meshmixer all for free to start messing with the software immediately! Head to Cults3D.com or Thingiverse.com to grab free files to print them!

However, remember these use cookies & data to Deliver and maintain Google services as well as track outages and protect you against spam, fraud, and abuse.

Besides they protect against spam fraud, they also measure audience engagement & site statistics to understand how their services are used as well as enhance the service quality when you select “Accept All,” on the software. The software will even use cookies and data to develop and improve new services.

So, select Accept All to have a better quality of those services from your location. One more thing, the software may show personalized ads depending on your settings.

The Files

To print Iron man suit and helmet, you can get the files scattered everywhere like CGtrader.com, Etsy, DO3D.com, Patreon.com, and so many more!

However, places like Cults3D.com and Thingiverse.com host several files for free! SO, if you want to try a free file then go for Cults3D.com and Thingiverse.com.

Choose The Filament

Several brands offer so many variations of filaments that it is often very confusing which filament to use for what purpose.

The most commonly utilized plastic for printing is Polylactic acid (PLA) plastic. It is cheap, quite easy to deal with, and also non-toxic!

Other printing materials exist like PETG, ABS, TPU, etc. All of them have advantages and disadvantages so do a little research before choosing one!

Typically ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a strong plastic but difficult to print (required a heated enclosed area), PETG or Polyethylene terephthalate glycol is even strong too, no enclosure is needed in this material but it’s very misleading to print with.

Finally, TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane is an easygoing rubber-type material that is great for joints. Perhaps among the hardest materials to print with.

The Scales

Scaling is one of the most difficult parts of 3d printing technology. When you get a 3D file for an Iron man suit or helmet, often it doesn’t even make any sense as nothing is scaled. You generally get everything scattered.

However, D03D as well as a few other platforms scaled their files properly to match material proportions. Either get the scaling done from an expert or learn it first to print the perfect Iron Man helmet and suit for yourself.

The Sanding Of The Printed Object

You do not need to spend a whole day or weekend sanding your 3D Printed object. Aside from an apparent print quality need, there are a few ways you can easily speed up the operation of smoothing out the 3D print.

Vapor Smoothing (Not good for Polylactic acid/+), XTC-3D Smooth-On, Spray Paint Filler Primer, or Power Tools. These will save you time sanding the 3D-printed object.

The Paint

This’s something often people neglect. It helps to bring out that intense shine the color had to offer to your Iron Man helmet and suit. For this, you can move on to resin polish.

Pursued by car wax. It also allows adding a small layer of protection from dirt and grime to the product.

The Fitting

Before you start painting, make sure the suit and helmet are fitting you perfectly. Unless you are comfortable, do not waste your time and costly paint on the printed suit and helmet.

The Electronics

The final thing is the proper lighting of the suit. Start a google search to find
out Iron Man electric parts to motorize your iron man suit and helmet. The electronics will complete your design of the Iron Man suit and helmet.

FAQ 3D Printed Iron Man Suit With Helmet

Following are the some of the common question on 3D Printed Iron Man Suit

Can You 3d Print An Iron Man Helmet?

Of course, you can print an Iron man helmet and also an entire suit.

How much is the Mark V Iron Man helmet?

It may cost you more or less USD 279.99 to get a proper Mark V Iron Man helmet

Wrap Up

3D printing technology can serve you other purposes than making toys, props, and costumes.

Recently, experts 3D printed a thermoelectric generator successfully that can power small electronics. 3D printing is also playing a vital role in the field of medicine.

Time will inform what more blessings 3D printing technology can bring to this modern world!



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