10 Best 3D Printed Chess Sets Ideas

The possibilities of modern three-dimensional printing allow you to reproduce almost any detail on a good 3D printer, regardless of its complexity.

You can even create a real board game – chess, by printing not only figures of any configuration, but also the board itself. 3D printing of chess will certainly interest users who are fond of this game, or those who know chess players.

So, here see below 3d printed chess set ideas.


How To Make 3D Printed Chess Sets

Assuming you’re exhausted with the typical Staunton-style chess boards, there are a lot of exceptional chess sheets and sets you can browse. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can constantly track down an outstanding plan to suit your taste.

3D printing technology involves the layer-by-layer creation of parts by applying thin melted plastic threads. The consumable material is one of the suitable 3D printing filaments – ABS, PLA, Nylon, etc.

3D printers that print using FDM technology, including the most budget ones, are more suitable for printing chess.

More expensive models that use the photopolymer baking method in their work are used much less frequently in everyday life due to the relatively high cost of production. However, such devices are also suitable for creating original chess sets.

Before you start printing, you should develop a 3D model of the product – an STL file that can be recognized by the printer control unit.

The model is a set of instructions written in a special programming language, according to which a three-dimensional object will be printed.

You can make a 3D chess model on your own using special programs and online services, including 3DS Max, Maya 3D, Blender, Cura, CraftWare, TinkerCAD, Sculptris, and others.

With many shapes and sizes, this simple board game has become not only the epitome of style but also an intellectual pursuit.

10 Best 3D Printed Chess Sets Ideas

Chess is one of the most popular and massive games in the world. For designers around the world, chess is no longer a game, but an opportunity to use their creative talents. Here see the 10 best 3d printed chess sets.

1. Latvian Style

One more 3D chess set, this chessboard was designed according to the fields utilized by warriors. This can be intended to be ideal learning and specialized instruments for the two kids and grown-ups.

The sign of this chess set is the latvian plan, which is an assortment of 3D shapes worked from polygons.

Every one of their items is painstakingly created to guarantee the most elevated level of value and craftsmanship.

2. Planter Chess Sets

Set of chess in the form of pots for succulents. This chess set is an opportunity to combine playing chess and gardening.

Chess here is hollow containers, each of which can be planted with a living plant. PLA plastic filament is suitable for printing.

3. Music Chess Set

Depending on the creator’s imagination, the set may include pawns in the form of musical pairs, as well as a set of musical instruments – a violin, cello, harp, guitar, etc.

This project also involves printing a collapsible board, which is convenient for storage, as well as a special box.

4. Set With Figurines Of Animals

Any animal can be included in the kit, including a lion, poodles, horse, penguin, cat, etc.

Each type of figure has a unique design, especially for the lion playing the role of the king in this game.

He is distinguished by a royal mane and a crown on it. It is recommended to print such figures without rafts and supporting structures with an infill of more than 20%.

5. Monument Style

This set will be a welcome expansion for fanatics of lofty design. Propelled by famous structures, this chess set consolidates the plan feel with a cutting-edge in its exceptional chess pieces.

Propelled by the famous New York City horizon, this set comes in three completions: premium, acrylic, bronze, and metal.

The 32-piece set has been painstakingly chosen to incorporate a portion of the city’s most famous high rises.

One World Trade Tower, Empire State Building, Chrysler, Flatiron, Guggenheim, and Brownstone House are the best properties. Each set incorporates a chessboard with a show box.

6. Star Wars Chess Set

In another set, by printing, you can influence the struggle between light and dark forces.

Figures here are represented by stormtrooper pawns, Yoda, Darth, Leia, Vader, Han, R2-D2, Lumiya, and other cult characters.

It is prescribed to print this unit utilizing PLA plastic with sleeves from 3 to 16 and a fill proportion of 15%. Support designs can be utilized to further develop print quality and detail.

7. Counter Strike

A bunch of chess pieces motivated by this game will permit you to have truly hot fights with your companions outside the virtual world.

The game’s retro illustrations have dazzled billions of clients all over the planet. With the assistance of a 3D printer, you can reproduce this universe, comprising of blocks, as a chess set.

8. Super Mario

Super Mario is a cult computer game from Nintendo that has captivated millions of gamers around the world.

The possibilities of three-dimensional printing make it possible to print a chess set, where the main characters will be the characters of this story: mushrooms, Yoshi, the Queen, Peach, Mario, Birdo, etc.

9. Lord Of The Rings

Tolkien’s iconic saga about the adventures of Middle-earth characters is a good idea for a stylized play chess set.

This set contains enough figures to arrange a large-scale battle between good and evil.

The light side here is represented by action 3D printed figures of hobbits, dwarves, elves, etc., the dark side is represented by goblins, orcs, Saruman, Sauron, Nazgul, etc. Printing can be done without support, with a fill factor of 25%.

10. Pokémon Chess Set

This chess set is based on characters from the popular animated series. The abundance of characters allows you to create unique sets: for example, you can make Brock and Misty the king and queen, and replace the rest of the figures with your favorite Pokemon.

For each type of piece, basic shapes have been developed to distinguish pawns from rooks, etc. The recommended layer height for printing is 0.15 mm, the fill factor is 20%.

FAQ 3D Printed Chess Sets

Here’s the most common questions on 3D printing of chess pieces and chess sets.

Which 3D Printers Are Suitable For Printing Chess?

Practically all 3D printers utilizing FDM innovation are reasonable for printing chess sets with a singular plan.

The presence of two free extruders in the model is a significant benefit, as it permits you to print support structures if important, as well as utilize multicolor printing.

Print quality depends not just on the brand and nature of the printer yet in addition on the client’s capacity to redo and change the printer.

Why 3D Printed Chess Set Is Good?

Printing chess on a 3D printer is desirable over purchasing comparative sets in a store, on the grounds that:

• In the event of the loss of dolls, you can without much of a stretch print the missing ones. It is somewhat challenging to arrange copy figures in the store, particularly assuming that the chess model has proactively left stock.

• It is feasible to print chess in any size – from the littlest, pocket choices to enormous floor structures.

• A chess set with an extraordinary plan is an incredible gift for natural chess players. In stores, generally speaking, just standard sets can be purchased, while with the assistance of a three-layered demonstration fostering a novel set that exists in a solitary copy is conceivable.

• Self-printing of chess on a 3D printer doesn’t need explicit information and abilities. Notwithstanding, at least expense, you can get interesting chess sets that main you will have.



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